Tailored Seo For Businesses In Melbourne


Target any geographic location

Who needs SEO?

Businesses looking to target audience across geographical locations and looking to increase their online presence and revenue

How SEO works?

Clear strategy of picking the right keywords to a specific industry and indexing them through google, using multiple techniques...

What to expect?

Can expect to get more exposure through online market, traffic, leads & more revenue to any business @ 3X growth..

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Technique of bringing more customers to a website through search engine mediums. Seo is more about unpaid/ organic results.

Using seo, one can target images, videos & more through seo one can increase the visibility of a website or a specific webpage. Through the process of seo, a website can experience more visitors from search engines. It’s a known fact that, higher the website rank higher the visitors to any website and then to customers.

Goals & Objectives

Understanding the goals and objectives of every business is a key aspect as each and every business has unique goals that they want to achieve 

So our Squaroe team understands your business goals and plans our SEO work to in the right direction in-order to deliver the right traffic to your business

Strategy & Planning

Our strategy is well constructed  around the keyword planning and content creation

So as part of strategy we involve our customers in selecting the right keywords & in designing the right content matching their business needs along with other marketing campaigns involving social media

Perfect implementation

Our expert team starts implementing the changes as planned in the early stages along with correcting errors on your website and technical changes to your site

Most of the changes are off-page so you may not see the changes as they are taken care from the backend of your site but we assure that we follow the ethical practices


Transparent Reporting

In any business reporting is the key factor to measure any kind of performance. 

So we closely test & track your website performance and keep working on required changes to obtain the expected organic results

End of every month, we provide a clear & transparent report to measure your performance and our success

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Here is how we can help you?

Website Audit

We start with an initial SEO audit on your site to gather in-depth information on your website. This audit helps us to understand the errors on any site, technical changes is the key factor the right SEO

Analyzing Data

We analyze your website traffic patterns to understand its performance and make the right changes from time to time. We test & track the rankings often for better performance

Keyword Research

We focus on the Keywords relevant to your business as this is key to the right SEO path. Selecting the right keywords in the beginning would help us with quality enquiries in future

Content creation

Creation of the content is an important aspect of raking a page . We often involve our clients as they know more about their business than us so we take their assistance in order to produce the right and relevant content

Your Business Need An Expert Advice.

In the current times, the best way to grab more traffic is through relevant search engine optimization. Your traffic completely depends on where you show up on the search engine. Only effective search engine technique can help you with more visibility. So, you need an expert assistance.

On-page Optimization

  • Every detail counts
  • Starts with Right Keyword Research
  • Content, Meta tags – Meta Titles - Meta descriptions – H1, H2, H3.. should be specific to your industry to improve your rankings

Off-page Optimization

  • Refers to the work done outside your website
  • Back Linking adds more authority to your site, this would change the way a site ranks on search engines
  • Links can be of multiple types- Natural, Manual & Self-created
  • Non-linking off-site technique – Social presence / Marketing Blogging …more

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